Pine Pixies Pre-School    closed                           

Pine Pixies Pre-School information is now all archive material. 

Welcome to Pine Pixies Pre-School


We are based in the parish hall in Kirklake Road, Formby, a hall which is very spacious for our needs and which gives us an enclosed garden area for outdoor learning. Car parking is available and the hall is close to bus and train routes.  We offer varied session times, Monday to Friday, term time only. We are fully registered with OFSTED. We pride ourselves on a happy, friendly and secure environment where children can learn and develop through play to the best of their own, individual abilities. We can be contacted by phone and email, are advertised on the site or parents can come in for a visit. 

At Pine Pixies Pre-School we aim to ensure that each child:

Our setting aims to:

  •  provide high quality care and education for children below statutory school age;
  •  work in partnership with parents to help children to learn and develop;
  •  add to the life and well-being of the local community; and
  •  offer children and their parents a service that promotes equality and values diversity.                                           

Safeguarding children

Our setting has a duty under the law to help safeguard children against suspected or actual ‘significant harm’.

Our recruitment and employment practices ensure children are protected against the likelihood of abuse in our settings and we have a procedure for managing complaints or allegations against a member of staff. All practitioners are trained in safeguarding management and procedures. This training is updated when necessary. Students and people working in our setting are also made aware of our policies and work within them.

Our special way of working with children and their parents ensures we are aware of any problems that may emerge and can offer support, including referral to appropriate agencies when necessary, to help families in difficulty.

Our rigid password procedures ensure that nobody you have not stated or given the password to, collects your child. Please ensure you can always be contacted by phone when your child is in our care.

We work under the guidance of ‘Sefton LSCB Multi-Agency Safeguarding Procedures’ and amongst other legislation, section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015.


In September 2016 we changed our planning techniques and recording to ‘In the moment planning’.

This we felt would ensure the setting was more child-led. We completely re-structured our way of storing our equipment, in order to ensure the children were given more free choice during play. This we have found has given a more enabling environment and  allowed the children to explore and investigate further through their play. We ask parents to only bring children in wearing pumps/light trainers for indoor and wellingtons for outdoor. Children cannot fully engage with their play unless they have the correct clothing and footwear to keep them warm and dry.

This planning system has brought our parents into our planning structure and allowed them a more in-depth sight into their child’s nursery life. 

Home/school diary

Every child is issued an exercise book/diary to take home and fetch back in, each session their child attends. This book is to ensure information is passed between pre-school and parents/carers. Often mornings are busy and it isn’t always possible for parents to speak to staff. Childminders or grandparents may drop off or pick up. 

This book can be used to share a variety of information, some examples are:

  •  Didn’t sleep well last night, tired today.
  •  Have recently been unwell
  •  Achievements e.g. swim award, learned to ride bike.
  • Interests at home, counting, baking, puzzles.......anything! We will use this information to plan activities your child will enjoy.    
  •  Events, family birthdays etc. 

The main aim of this book is to ensure that we are fully aware of your child’s feelings, needs and interests so that we can plan accordingly to ensure that your child is happy, develops and learns. You know your child best and we value any information you can share with us. 


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